“Ain’t Learned Yet” pre-order… get ‘em while they’re hot!

If you feel so inclined, my new CD, “Ain’t Learned Yet,” is available now for pre-order on the merch page. You can sample the new song “Fan” at Bandcamp. Pre-orders will ship out before March 6th. And while I’ve got you here…. don’t forget about the CD release show at Scruffy City Hall, coincidently, on March 6th.

1. Cause And Effect
2. Visiting
3. Moto Kids
4. Someone Else’s Problem
5. You Must Be Lonely
6. Wild Wild West
7. Fan
8. Down On Love
9. How Lucky The Night
10. Second Thoughts
11. Mulberry Blues
12. Gods Of Rock

“Ain’t Learned Yet” features the musical talents of John Baker, Trisha Gene Brady, Chris Bratta, Gray Comer, Po Hannah, Mandi Lawson, Susan Bauer Lee, Tim Lee, Sean McCollough, Mike Murphy, Mary Podio and Jason R. Thompson

KevinAbernathy_AintLearnedYet cover

Fan > a couple John Myers shows > looking towards March!

The new album is being pressed, a new T-shirt design is being approved, and details are being finalized for the CD release show on March 6th, but today you can hear and download a new song, “Fan,” off the upcoming album, “Ain’t Learned Yet,” for free by visiting my Bandcamp page. If you like it feel free to share the link with your family and friends.

Jason will be sending out download codes this week to those of you who contributed to my IndieGoGo campaign and as soon as the CDs and T-shirts are back we’ll get those in the mail to the folks who chose those perks. Mark your calendars for the “3D Record Release Show” taking place at Scruffy City Hall on Market Square March 6th. Tim Lee 3, myself and Bark, will all be celebrating the release of our new albums.

In the meantime, I’ll be playing guitar with the John Myers Band at Tennessee Shines on Monday the 9th, then at a super secret private event on Thursday the 19th. I’m not at liberty to give out any details on the private event but if you come to the Tennessee Shines show John may… just MAY… tell y’all about it during the second half of the show that doesn’t air on the radio. [he won’t, but you should come anyway]

KevinAbernathyJan2015-05 002

Last show of the year… crowdfunding campaign ending

Happy holidays everybody! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend and are looking forward to Christmas. We’ve had a lot to be thankful for this year – new friends, new songs, new gear, the Vols are bowl eligible, etc. As good as 2014 has been we’re really excited to get this new record out to you in 2015. Speaking of that new record, there are just under three weeks left on our crowdfunding campaign. If you’re interested in contributing and scoring some sweet perks please take a look and see if anything catches your eye.

Friday the 5th the band and I will be playing our last show of the year in west Knoxville at a new venue, Open Chord Brewhouse & Stage, with our pals Finkelsteen. This’ll be my first K-town show on the other side of Bearden Hill since 1991… there will be significantly less hairspray and spandex this time. This is an early, all ages, show, so come on out and rock -n- roll with the whole family!


Robin Trower in Knoxville and Chattanooga

The band and I are very excited to be opening two East Tennessee shows for Robin Trower next weekend. Friday the 7th we’ll be playing one of our favorite rooms ever, the fabulous Bijou Theatre in downtown Knoxville, then Saturday the 8th we’ll be at Track 29 in Chattanooga. This’ll be our first time playing there and we can’t wait! A limited number of tickets still remain for both shows so get yours today and come on out an’ rock-n-roll with us!

*UPDATE: Sat. Nov. 8th 1:00 PM — Tonight’s show at Track 29 in Chattanooga has been canceled due to illness. We wish Robin good health and a speedy recovery.



Help me finish my 5th studio record

I’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign with IndieGoGo.com to help me finish my 5th studio record. This is a new venture for me but I’m really excited about the possibility of getting the follow-up to Some Stories out sooner than later. Although a donation can be made in any amount, please take a minute to look at some of the perks I’m offering and see if anything catches your eye. If you have any questions whatsoever please don’t hesitate to reach out to either Jason or I. Thank you for your continued support!

Click here to Visit Kevin’s IndieGoGo Page

Spartanburg > Knoxville > The Fantastic Voyage Halloween Party

Friday the 10th the band and I will be back down in Spartanburg doing a show with our buddies Marc Higgins And The Chainsaw Bears at The Upstairs Bar. Marc and I have done a bunch of shows together over the years, including a show in Johnson City just last weekend, and it’s ALWAYS a blast. His new band line-up rocks! Hope to see all our South Carolina friends there.


Thursday the 23rd our compadres Ned Van Go will be joining us at The Pilot Light in the Old City for an early evening rock-n-roll show. No, REALLY! In the same vein as some of the early shows that have taken place there the last couple Octobers, this show will be starting at 7 o’clock sharp and end around 9:30. No, REALLY! Come out and see for yourself… we’re gonna rock ya an’ send ya on home by the time most shows even get started.

2014.10.23 001

Halloween night I’ll be joining The Star Voyagers Supergroup (featuring members of King Super And The Excellents, Same As It Ever Was, Big Deuce, Sam Quinn And Taiwan Twin, the John Myers Band, Guy Marshall and more) and gettin’ plum silly on the Star Of Knoxville for The Fantastic Voyage Halloween Party. Boarding starts at 10 o’clock then we depart dock at 11:00, so get your tricks-or-treats out of the way early and come take a boat ride with us!

2014.10.31 002

2014.10.31 001

Columbus > Johnson City > backing John Myers

We had a great end of August here at Abernathy HQ – a successful surprise birthday party was pulled off by my family, it’s finally football time in Tennessee, and we’re wrapping up recording for the next record. Moving forward, the boys and I have a couple full band shows coming up later this month.

Saturday the 20th we’ll be in Columbus, Ohio at Victory’s playing with our old buddy Tal Lohr, who will be backed up by the great Columbus band, The Boondogglers, who will perform some of their own songs as well. Back in 2010 I did an acoustic set with Sean McCollough and Greg Horne opening for Tal’s old band, The Cur Dogs, which sparked the fire that led us to make the Some Stories record. Tal’s a solid dude and we look forward to sharing the stage with him again. Also on this bill, closing out the night, will be the first live outing for Out Of The Pine, a new band featuring former members of Far Away Strays.

2014.09.20 005

Friday the 26th we return to Capone’s in Johnson City hosting our good friends Ned Van Go and Marc Higgins, with his new band, The Chainsaw Bears. We do several shows a year with both Ned and Marc so it’s always a blast when we can all three get together at the same time. A great night of rock-n-roll will be had.


Also this month I’ll be playing guitar with the John Myers Band. We’ll be playing the WDVX Blue Plate Special on Tuesday the 23rd, then on Saturday the 27th we’ll be playing the 8th Annual Louie Bluie Music & Arts Festival in Caryville, TN.


Nashville > Sweetwater House Concert

It’s August already?? For reals!?!? Daaaang!

Tomorrow night the boys and I will be playing in Nashville at The Rutledge with Ned Van Go, Josh Nolan and Les Honky More Tonkies. This is an early show, starting promptly at 8 o’clock, so pile on up and come out to see us.

Saturday the 9th I’ll be playing the inaugural Star Hill House Concert in Sweetwater at the home of our friends Tom and Mary Hendershot. Sean McCollough and Mike Murphy will be joining me for this acoustic set. House concerts are a good time and I’m looking forward to seeing hometown family and friends.

Make sure to visit the Shows page for details on all upcoming shows.