Ain’t Learned Yet press – Steve Wildsmith

“He’s got a wry knack for observations of life’s minutiae: snapshots found in old dresser drawers, a penchant for those pills mama takes, being too paranoid to take a light-night piss in the parking lot. In those real-life moments, he mines larger themes: love, loss, regret and the redemptive power of rock ‘n’ roll. His previous releases have run the gamut, from the sneering attitude of “Rock N Roll Fiasco” to the gentler ruminations of “Some Stories.” As hackneyed as it always sounds when trumpeting the latest release by an artist, “Ain’t Learned Yet” is far and away his most powerful. If Peter Wolf had cut his teeth in the hills of East Tennessee instead of the urban canyons of Beantown, he might have hoped to sound something like Kevin Abernathy.”

— Steve Wildsmith, Weekend editor, The Daily Times, Maryville, TN