Live in DC / Arlington > Richmond > Spartanburg

“The Full Body Tour” rolls into our Nation’s Capital later this week for not one, but two shows! Mic and I will kick off Hill Country’s Backyard Barbeque at noon on Thursday on the lawn of The National Building Museum. Later that night we’ll take to the stage at the IOTA Club & Café where after our set we’ll have a little surprise for ya! Friday night we’ll be playing the 1724 House Concert in Richmond, VA and may have a surprise or two at the end of that show as well! Friday the 19th I’ll be back in Spartanburg, SC doing another acoustic show with my friends Laura Blackley and Marc Higgins. Make sure to check out the Shows page for all the details on this shows and all the others.

32 thoughts on “Live in DC / Arlington > Richmond > Spartanburg

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