“Las Cruces Sunset”

Here’s a new song called “Las Cruces Sunset” which will be on my next record coming out (hopefully) in February. The song was intended to be about my bus ride to the west coast way back in 1982 in pursuit of the rock and roll dream. Instead, it took a mind of its own (which songs often do) into the social current and heartbreak territory of immigration. I do make a brief appearance in the song, but as it turns out, there were other dreamers on that bus.


The Shed and Doodle Soup with Mic

Thanks to everyone who came out to all the August shows, including the girls CD release shows! While continuing to work on my next album I’ll be playing a couple shows with Mic and the boys. Saturday the 8th we’ll be doing at twin-bill at The Shed down in Maryville with Blue Mother Tupelo for the Harbours Gate Benefit. Always love playing The Shed!

Then Saturday the 22nd we’ll be playing “Doodle Soup Days” in Mic’s hometown of Bradford, TN. This is a free event that also features music by Resurrection – A Journey Tribute and The Buzz Kings. Y’all make plans to come cheer us on!


Chris Knight > Ye Old Dogs, Part 2 > MH&tHS Happy Hour, Round IV

Lots of acoustic/solo stuff coming up this month, plus a couple of dates with Mic.

Thursday the 9th I’ll be doing a “Songwriters-in-tha-Round” set with Andy Pirkle and Michael Roberts at The Shed down in Maryville opening for Chris Knight. The next night I’ll be picking and singing with Mic Harrison as we open for Chris again at Zanzabar in Louisville, KY.

Mid-month, Ty Hager, Scotty Melton and I get back together for “Ye Old Dogs & Near Beer in-the-round Mini-Tour, Part 2.” We’ll be here in Knoxville at The Open Chord on Wednesday the 22nd, then Saturday the 25th we return to the Down Home in Johnson City.

I’ll end the month back here at home at Boyd’s Jig & Reel for Mic Harrison And The High Score Happy Hour, Round IV.


MH&tHS Happy Hour, Round II > Chris Knight at The Shed

Round II of the Mic Harrison And The High Score Happy Hour is coming up on the 13th at the Jig & Reel. We had a blast last month so make sure to join us for this one.

Found out today that I’ll be opening for Chris Knight at The Shed in Maryville on August 9th. I’ll be joining Andy Pirkle and Michael Roberts for a “Songwriters-in-tha-Round” set to open the show. Tickets are on sale now so get ’em while you can.… READ MORE...

Troubadour w/ Greg Horne > Mic Harrison And The High Score Happy Hour > Swerve w/ Waldschlager

Saturday the 2nd Greg Horne and I will be rockin’ the Troubadour Roadhouse at 8:00 (yes, 8:00!). Friday the 8th I’ll be playing the first of three Happy Hour shows at Boyd’s Jig & Reel with Mic Harrison And The High Score. These shows are free and start at 6:00. Check the Shows page for the other Happy Hour dates. Thursday the 14th I’ll be playing guitar with Brian Waldschlager on the WDVX Six O’Clock Swerve. Keep an eye out for one more possible June show that we’re trying to confirm.

Also… hoping to get back into the studio mid-month! Stay tuned!