“There’s a million guys with guitars, the kind you picture sitting around a fire or in a beat-up rocking chair on an old cabin porch, but only a few you’d want to pull up a seat beside and listen to. Malcolm Holcombe. Ben Weaver. John Prine. Steve Earle. Add Kevin Abernathy to that list.

–Steve Wildsmith, Weekend Editor for The Daily Times


“Here’s a singer/songwriter that demands immediate discovery, because Some Stories isn’t just some album. Dare we say, it’s quite a masterpiece.”

–Lee Zimmerman, No Depression


“Abernathy is very possibly the best unknown singer-songwriter in the country. Audiences who know Kevin are used to him rocking your butt as much as your brain. On Some Stories he’s going straight for your heart.”

–Wayne Bledsoe, Knoxville News Sentinel Music Writer
and Host of WDVX-FM’s “All Over The Road”


“For some musicians, straddling the divide between storytelling singer-songwriter and full-throttle rock ‘n’ roller can be a tricky thing. Not so for Kevin Abernathy.”

–Steve Wildsmith, Weekend Editor for The Daily Times


“In high art form, Kevin is gifted in his ability to elicit compassion for the unlikeliest creatures that dot the landscape of his songs.”

–Steph Gunnoe, The Lonetones


“With songs that are poignant and timely (“Funny Ha Ha, Funny Strange,” “Love Alone’’) touchingly clever (“Highway Crosses,” “The Ring Line”) and some of the best storytelling I’ve heard in years (“Locked Up In The Keys,” “Noticed The Moon”), Kevin Abernathy proves on Some Stories that he is not only one of the best songwriters to come out of East Tennessee in years, but can hang with masters such as Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams.”

Sean McCollough, Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Radio Host


“Kevin’s combination of fire-breathing guitar rock and Americana songwriting sensibilities has never been anything short of intriguing with the KAB. But for Some Stories, he gives the songs a new setting that allows them to stand on their own a bit more… sort of a different side of the same coin. His friends have wanted to hear him make this record for a while now. It was worth the wait. And we’re all ready to hear Kevin rock when he’s ready to roll. It’s a coin toss with no losing side.”

–Tim Lee, Tim Lee 3