“Ain’t Learned Yet” pre-order… get ’em while they’re hot!

If you feel so inclined, my new CD, “Ain’t Learned Yet,” is available now for pre-order on the merch page. You can sample the new song “Fan” at Bandcamp. Pre-orders will ship out before March 6th. And while I’ve got you here…. don’t forget about the CD release show at Scruffy City Hall, coincidently, on March 6th.

1. Cause And Effect
2. Visiting
3. Moto Kids
4. Someone Else’s Problem
5. You Must Be Lonely
6. Wild Wild West
7. Fan
8. Down On Love
9. How Lucky The Night
10. Second Thoughts
11. Mulberry Blues
12. Gods Of Rock

“Ain’t Learned Yet” features the musical talents of John Baker, Trisha Gene Brady, Chris Bratta, Gray Comer, Po Hannah, Mandi Lawson, Susan Bauer Lee, Tim Lee, Sean McCollough, Mike Murphy, Mary Podio and Jason R. Thompson

KevinAbernathy_AintLearnedYet cover