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Several exciting shows coming up this month. First, I’ll be opening for Scott Miller at Uncle Slayton’s in Louisville, KY on Friday the 5th. I’ve been sharing stages with Scott since the 90’s when he was a V-roy and I was a Shapeshifter, then in recent years, him with his Commonwealth and I with my electric trio, but this’ll be the first time we’ve done a show together acoustic. On Friday the 12th is the Beaumont Rocks show at Knoxville’s Relix Variety Theatre. This is a benefit to support the arts at Beaumont Elementary School and will feature performances by The Pinklets, George Reynolds, myself, The Lonetones and Mac Comer. The following night I’ll be opening for the Tim Lee 3 at the Summit City Lounge in Whitesburg, KY – always a good time! My last show of the month will be on Saturday the 27th at Cribbs Kitchen in Spartanburg, SC with Laura Blackley and Marc Higgins – our second of three shows we’re doing together. Check out the Shows page for all the details.

2013.04.12 poster

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