TL3 CD release > Rome > Asheville > Spartanburg > Nashville > I WANNA ROCK!

Spring’s almost here and I’ll be hitting the road for several shows this month. Tonight I’m opening for my pals the Tim Lee 3 at their CD release show at the Pilot Light in the Old City. Lot’s of fun things planned, plus a set by RB Morris! Saturday night I’ll be accompanying Mic Harrison, who will be opening for Chris Knight, at the Brewhouse Music & Grill in Rome, GA – sure to be a good time! Wednesday the 18th I’ll be at Isis Music Hall in Asheville, NC for the first of three shows with Laura Blackley and Marc Higgins. We’ll be performing in-the-round and will be doing shows together in Spartanburg and Knoxville in April and May as well. Speaking of Spartanburg, Mic and I will be doing our first official Full Body Tour show there on Friday the 22nd opening for the Marc Higgins Band – history will be made! …and if we survive it, we’re gonna do it again Wednesday the 27th at Mad Donna’s in Nashville. To end the month I’ll once again be accompanying Mic, but this time we’ll be performing at the inaugural I WANNA ROCK! Concert at Maryville Rock Academy (The Betsy House in Rockford). This is a free, family friendly, concert series that focuses on giving kids a chance to hear local artists and participate as opening acts. My cousin, eight-year-old EmiSunshine, will be opening this show.


156 thoughts on “TL3 CD release > Rome > Asheville > Spartanburg > Nashville > I WANNA ROCK!

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